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Hofstra Law Faculty Experts

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Adoption, same-sex marriage and adoption, family law, marriage, divorce

Appeals and Appellate Practice

Business, Corporate and Securities Law

  • Miriam R. Albert
    Corporate and securities law, contract law, business organizations, business planning, business drafting, mergers and acquisitions
  • J. Scott Colesanti
    Financial markets, Dow Jones, New York Stock Exchange, securities laws
  • Ronald J. Colombo
    Federal Reserve, subprime mortgage crisis, monopolies, competition, free trade, cartels, mergers and acquisitions, price gouging, business organizations, securities laws, contracts
  • Linda Galler
    Corporate taxation 
  • Daniel J.H. Greenwood
    Economic crisis, recession, depression, financial markets, monopolies, competition, free trade, cartels, mergers and acquisitions, price gouging, CEO corruption, brokerage houses, banks, mortgages, foreclosures, corporate free speech, securities laws


Children’s rights, children’s advocacy, custody issues, juvenile justice, immigrant children matters, child welfare system, children involved in sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect

Collaborative Law, Mediation and Arbitration

  • Robert A. Baruch Bush
    Mediation, conflict resolution, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution
  • J. Scott Colesanti
    Business arbitration, arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority 
  • Andrew Schepard
    Collaborative law, mediation in family matters, conflict resolution, arbitration

Constitutional Law

Constitutional law, governmental authority, presidential power, foreign policy, federalism, state’s rights, civil rights/liberties.

Consumer Rights

Consumer rights, consumer protection, consumer laws, consumer risks

Copyright; Intellectual Property

Copyright, intellectual property, library issues, Internet issues

Criminal Justice; Forensic Evidence; DNA Evidence

Death Penalty


Defamation, false claims, libel, slander

Disability Rights

Disability rights, Americans with Disabilities Act, employment discrimination

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, prosecution of batterers, defense of battered women, criminal law and sentencing, criminal procedure, prosecutorial policies, community policing, non-punitive responses to crime

Environmental Law

Global warming, environment, energy, “green” issues, governmental response to climate change


First Amendment

First Amendment issues, civil rights/liberties, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion

Gender and Law

Health Care

  • Janet L. Dolgin
    Health Care, health care plans, health insurance, health care disparities, uninsured, under-insured

Housing Rights

Landlord-tenant issues, renter’s rights, low-income housing

Human Rights

Human rights, international human rights, international law, foreign policy


  • Theo Liebmann
    Immigrant youth and unaccompanied minors
  • Lauris Wren
    Asylum cases, refugees, human rights, immigration laws post 9/11

International Family Law

International Law

International law, foreign policy, conflict of laws, international family law


  • Akilah N. Folami
    Internet, new media, communications law, online privacy, ownership of media, content regulation


Judges, judicial power, Supreme Court judges, Supreme Court history, Supreme Court power

Legal History

LGBT Issues; Same-Sex Marriage

LGBT issues, same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption, gender issues, discrimination, employment discrimination

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage, divorce, domestic partnerships, children’s rights, custody, alimony, parental responsibility

Military Law

Nonprofit Organizations

Partnership Law

Politics; Government; Elections

  • Eric Lane
    Government, municipal law, term limits, legislative processes, constitutional law, New York City governments/politics, New York City charter revision
  • Stefan Krieger
    Election laws, voting rights, voters turned away
  • James Sample
    Voting rights, campaign finance, government

Presidential Power

Presidential power, terrorism, homeland security, torture laws, Guantanamo Bay

Real Estate and Land Use Policy

  • Stefan Krieger
    Real estate law, property laws, landlord rights, tenant rights, housing discrimination

Religion; Separation of Church and State

Reproductive Rights

Supreme Court

Supreme Court, Supreme Court justices, judges, judicial power, presidential power, Supreme Court history, Supreme Court power, constitutional law


Taxes, income tax, tax on wealthy, capital gains, inheritance taxes, tax on gifts, taxation of corporations

Terrorism; Homeland Security

Terrorism, homeland security, torture laws, Guantanamo Bay, presidential power

Trial Strategy and Policing

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Wills, trusts, estates, distribution of property and assets