Law Reform Advocacy Clinic

Professor Stefan H. Krieger, Attorney-in-Charge
Maximum Enrollment: 6 Students

Want to represent a client in a civil rights jury trial against the NYPD in Manhattan federal court next semester? If the answer is “Yes,” this is the Clinic for you.

Discovery is completed in the case, the pretrial order has been filed, settlement discussions so far have been unsuccessful, and we are just waiting for a trial date.

From Day One in the Clinic, you will be “On Trial.” You will be working on all aspects of the litigation:

  • preparation of the trial motions,
  • witness examinations,
  • opening statement,
  • and closing argument.

Because this case is very demanding, this Clinic requires a large time commitment. But the payoff will be extraordinary: an experience for which few law students in the country ever have the opportunity.


  1. Evidence and
  2. Trial Techniques or active Trial Team participation.